Plumbing and Drainage

At Property Maintenance we have fully accredited experienced plumbers and drainage experts on board to fit that bathroom or fix that pipe. Our team of specialists completes jobs of all shapes and sizes, providing an extensive range of affordable and reliable plumbing services across London, Bromley, Kent and Surrey.

Property Maintenance Plumbing Services

Our professional plumbers are on hand for all your kitchen and bathroom plumbing needs. Take a look at the services we offer in more detail below.

Blocks, Leaks and Burst Pipes

These can all cause considerable damage to your home or business, and can sometimes be difficult to fix yourself. Property Maintenance plumbers go straight to the source of the problem and aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty to fix your blockage, leak or burst pipe.

Fitting Bathrooms

We can install toilets, sinks, baths and showers of all sizes, and even change the positioning of existing installations if it is practical to do so. We also cater for disabled facilities, covering everything from cubicles to safety handles.

Fitting Kitchen Appliances

Property Maintenance plumbers can fit dishwashers, sinks, washing machines and similar appliances quickly and cheaply.

24 Hour Emergency Call Out Care

Ideal if you're living in an older property or have plumbing that is prone to issues, our emergency call out service means you don't have to worry about problems at night or weekends.

Boiler and Water Heater Servicing

Our plumbers are qualified to carry out boiler and water heater servicing, a procedure which should be performed regularly to comply with safety standards.

Radiator Installation

Add extra warmth to your home or business with Property Maintenance's radiator installation services.

Property Maintenance Drainage Services

Our experts deal with concrete drainage, plastic drainage, garden drainage and ground and underground drainage. The drainage services that Property Maintenance provides are listed below.

Drain Blockage

We unblock interior and some exterior drains and can offer advice on how to stop both kitchen and bathroom drains from blocking.

Installing Drains

In many cases we are able to fit additional drainage facilities for you; please get in touch for more details.

CCTV Drainage

This consists of surveying your drains to look for large blockages in the system and can save you a lot of time and money by locating the source of a problem quickly and easily.

Pipework Repairs

Property Maintenance plumbers are often able to repair pipework, saving you the cost of replacing it if it is otherwise in good condition.

Ready to get started? Hire Property Maintenance for plumbing or drainage tasks via our contact page.