Commercial Maintenance

Reliable and cost effective property maintenance

We know how important it is for your business to be up and running and for your property to appeal to staff and customers. Whether you run a restaurant or manage an office, Property Maintenance can help you improve your business residence with minimal fuss.

All the services we provide are available to commercial properties, including painting and decorating, plumbing and drainage, roofing, general refurbishment and more. For further details please see our Services page.

When it comes to commercial property maintenance, our core beliefs make us stand out from the competition. We believe in:

  • Reliability — You can count on us to turn up at the agreed time with the required equipment and materials for the job. We operate a 'no excuses!' policy.
  • Minimal Hassle — Property Maintenance tradesmen work to your schedule and with as little interruption to your business as possible, so you and your staff can carry on as normal.
  • Emergency Cover — Repairs and emergencies don't stick to the 9 to 5, so neither do we. Property Maintenance offers emergency cover and call outs for roofing, plumbing and drainage issues so you need never worry about finding the right person at the right time.
  • Quality Work — All Property Maintenance employees are fully qualified and accredited. Our internal training programme means you get the best results possible from a helpful and well-informed team of staff. All the materials and equipment we use are industry-standard and undergo regular checks to ensure efficient performance.
  • Value for Money — Many property maintenance companies automatically raise their prices for commercial work, but we match the quality and amount of work required to your need for low cost services to provide fantastic value for money.
  • Open Communication — At Property Maintenance we pride ourselves on clear, honest communication throughout our time with you. Unlike other companies, we don't disappear the instant you become a client or money changes hands. That's why we've developed a great reputation with the business owners we've worked with and have such a high percentage of repeat customers and long term clients.

Working with you

Property Maintenance works with landlords and business owners throughout London, Kent, Bromley and Surrey. Our services can help you attract more tenants and customers, retain your staff, increase the sale value of your property and give you peace of mind. Contact Property Maintenance today to get started on improving your business!